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UDAZZY is here to help YOU find the BEST parties and connect with the coolest people in the city of your choosing. We’re here to give YOU the opportunity to be yourself and connect with other likeminded party-goers


UDAZZY is here to help make good parties the best parties

New friends Find the right place

With our party map you can see events going on all over the city of your choice and decide where YOU want to go

Emotional conversations Find the right people

The power is in your hands! Reach out to party hosts at your favorite venues and reserve yourself a spot on the guest list, right here inside the UDAZZY app

Favourite parties Host your own events

Doing your own thing? Move on from experiencing vibes to creating your own! You can join UDAZZY as a promoter and get access to all the tools you need to throw your own parties or host your own tables

Pleasant surprises Absolutely Free

UDAZZY is here for YOU - not you for us!  We’re all about connecting - not taking your money.

Whetever type of party you are looking for,
find it on UDAZZY

Reserve a VIP table at the hottest nightclub, find last minute tickets to a warehouse rave, meet new contacts at a business dinner: whatever vibe is true to you, UDAZZY has you covered. Just show up authentically!

How it Works

Here at UDAZZY, our focus is to provide you the best party experience from start to finish. Users who login to the app can find events by location, by date, by theme, by promoter or by venue. Using easy to follow guidelines, you’ll receive customized recommendations based on the type of parties you and your friends prefer. Once you know where you are headed, all the necessary communication and ticket purchasing you’ll need can be performed right from within the app.


  • Register by entering a few simple details about yourself. As we get to know you, we will improve your experience by recommending special events and cool people.
  • Find your party. Our event dashboards are designed to create synchronicity. With UDAZZY you might just stumble across the best party you have ever been to. You can also search for specific events, or sit back and allow us to recommend them to you.
  • Reach out. Message a party host directly and find out the entry requirements or purchase tickets right on the app.

For promoters

star star star star star

I know - an app for Promoters?  Well, believe it! Our goal at UDAZZY is to revolutionize the way nightlife promoters and nightclubs do business together. We believe that promoters (and DJ’s) deserve respect for the hard work they put in and should have access to as many resources as possible to do their job effectively and efficiently.  We’re here to make your work less stressful and at the end of the day, put more money into your pocket!

Whatever you need as a host, we know how to help

  1. We provide a huge user base. By hosting your events with UDAZZY you can sit back and let the crowd come to you.
  2. Guest list and invoicing tools. With UDAZZY, you can verify how many people you brought into the club and invoice accordingly. No more getting stiffed by stingy venues
  3. Track your personal guest lists and improve your targeting. Use our analytical tools to find clarity on who your top guests are, who you should be focusing your time on and how much money you’re actually bringing in.
  4. Share resources and tips with UDAZZY’s internal network of industry professionals, offer budget to other hosts with extra people looking for moves, and find the newest venues to work with!

Discover Your Own Dream Party

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